Try This at Church: Host an easy sing—here’s a 3 step guide!

In the Field: 8 ways to set apart Lent as a special season of the year:

  • omit prelude/postlude music
  • change to a simpler musical style
  • use simple a cappella music
  • use a setting of the service music that is reserved for penitential seasons. In churches that don’t use service music (such as a Gloria), sing the same hymn every week of Lent, such as during the offertory or at communion.
  • at the beginning of choir rehearsals, lead the choir in a Lenten prayer or a short devotional
  • explore hymn themes outside of the “Lent” section of the hymnal (but watch out for sneaky Alleluias!)
  • if you use prelude music during Lent, play longer preludes (10-15 minutes) as a mediation time for the congregation, perhaps including hymn texts or scripture in the bulletin to complement the music
  • if your church observes Laetare Sunday, use bolder music to distinguish it from the other Sundays of Lent

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