Ep. 1: Canadian Mennonite Worship Wars with Jonathan Dueck | Responses to National Tragedy

Try This at Church: Does your church like brass on Easter Sunday? Don’t wait to book your musician(s)—schedule them now!

Interview: Jonathan Dueck, Vice President Academic and Academic Dean at Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg, Manitoba), discusses his new book, Congregational Music, Conflict and Community. It’s about the worship wars in three Canadian Mennonite churches—and how statements of belief (“I believe this so I sing that“) turned into reflections on beauty and relationships, a perspective he describes as an aesthetics of encounter.

In the Field: What responses to national tragedies can music leaders incorporate into services? Crawford chose different hymns and untexted music with a solemn association, and I introduced my prelude by inviting the congregation to pray the hymn with me as I played. Let us know what music you have found helpful in times like these—we are preparing a resource document that we’ll make available in a few weeks.

Listen to Jonathan Dueck discussing music and being the church in this bonus episode.

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