Try This At Church: We follow up on last week’s suggestion to play from a binder of an entire service’s music (instead of swapping out books throughout a service). Kathy suggests making copies of hymn harmonizations and organizing them alphabetically in binders, so you can see your entire collection at once instead of thumbing through many different books.

In the Field: What theological issues are at play in the great debate: do organists and choir members really need to pay attention during the sermon, especially if other people in the congregation can’t see them?

Interview: Theologian and musician Tanya Riches discusses the new book, The Hillsong Movement Examined: You Call Me Out Upon the Waters, which she co-edited with Tom Wagner. This collection of 15 essays is the first scholarly book about Hillsong Church, a Pentecostal church with roots in Sydney, Australia.

In our interview, Tanya discusses music at the church, as well as her essay in the collection, which deals with women’s leadership in the church.

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