Singing through the Year: Coming Full Circle

Singing through the Year has come nearly full circle, back to Advent. I wrote about experiencing the Incarnation in Advent and Christmas hymns early this January (a theme I returned to in this month’s Music and the Church newsletter), and I decided to continue posting a hymn every week. At first, these were hymns I was singing to my son, then I posted hymns I chose for services at Immanuel Presbyterian, where I have been the organist this year.

This is my last Singing through the Year post. I hope you’ve enjoyed these hymns as much as I have!

This week’s hymn “People Look East,” is a bright encouragement to prepare our hearts and lives for Christ’s coming. Here is an upbeat choral arrangement of the hymn.

The text is under copyright, but If you’d like to read more about the hymn, including its author Eleanor Farjeon (she also wrote “Morning Has Broken”—and is best know for her children’s books), check out this page.

Singing through the Year features a hymn related to next Sunday’s lectionary readings. Each hymn will be sung at the Presbyterian church where I am the organist. This is the last post in the 2017 Singing through the Year series.