Singing through the Year: Shout to the North

Christian music groups often cover hymns, but sometimes it goes the other way: what starts as a Christian pop song is adapted for congregational singing. This week at Immanuel, we’re singing one such hymn.

“Shout to the North” is a 1995 hit by the British band Delirious? Some of their other hits are “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and “Rain Down.”

Here’s the original version of the song by Delirious? and here’s a bluegrassy adaptation.

We’re also singing “Be Thou My Vision” this coming Sunday—I posted that hymn several months ago, and you’re welcome to read about it here.

Singing through the Year is a weekly series of hymns related to upcoming Sundays’ lectionary readings. It began as a personal project as I sang to my infant son, but now it features hymns used at the church where I am organist.