In this bonus episode of Music and the Church, Dr. Tanya Riches continues discussing The Hillsong Movement Examined: You Call Me Out Upon the Waters, a new collection of essays that she and Dr. Tom Wagner co-edited.

Earlier in Episode 8, Tanya talked about Hillsong’s music, how women lead worship in the church, and how she and Tom approached Hillsong as scholars working on the inside and outside of the church.

Today, she’s giving an overview of the book’s 15 essays, and discussing her chapter on women’s ministries at Hillsong, especially the Sisterhood (starting about 14 minutes in). She shows how many Hillsong women internalize an identity that doesn’t reflect their own experiences. Contrary to a so-called “princess theology,” the women Tanya interviewed said that they had empowering experiences of leadership and training in the church.


One essay author in the collection is Dr. Mark Porter—a recent guest on Music and the Church! He discusses his new book, Contemporary Worship Music and Everyday Musical Lives, on Episode 4.

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